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Registration and Installation Instructions

Supported Operating Systems and Devices:

We support computers and smart phones with following Operating Systems:

   Windows: XP Service Pack 3 through Windows 10 (Does not include RT only versions)

   Apple OSX: Snow Leopard through El Capitan



Most Tablets are considered Mobile Devices and may be supported if they are running one of the above operating systems and the supervising officer has spoken with a RemoteCOM representative beforehand. The supervising officer must grant approval for tablet monitoring prior to completion of the enrollment and payment process.

Supported Operating Systems and devices are also listed in the appropriate pull down tabs on the enrollment page. If the device is not listed, we do not support it at this time. We do not support IOS or Linux at this time.

Both Android and Blackberry devices must have the original operating system and are not allowed to be rooted or unlocked. Only browsers original to your mobile device are allowed on your mobile device. Other browser apps are not permitted and if present, should be removed prior to installation of the mobile monitor.

Most Desktops, Notebooks (Laptops), and Slates running one of the above Windows or Apple operating systems are considered computers.

Smart Phones and Pre-approved Tablets with an approved operating system are considered mobile devices.

If you have questions about whether or not your device is supported you can email or call us at 866-776-0731.

Registration Instructions

Select the Enrollment Form tab below. Complete all the fields in the enrollment form. It is important that your correct e-mail address is entered, this is how you will receive your billing invoices and service notices. Read the terms of use agreement. To proceed, agree to the terms of use and submit your enrollment.

Select the Pay tab. Submit payment of $65 for each mobile device ($30 connection fee and $35 for the first month’s monitoring) or $85 for each computer ($50 installation fee and $35 for the first month’s monitoring) to be installed and monitored. Installation is not scheduled until payment is received.


Make sure that all operating system updates and your Anti-Virus are installed prior to a computer installation. A list of supported PC (Windows) Computer Anti-Virus/ Anti-Spyware software and malware is located here.

We do not have any Mobile device or Apple Anti-Virus recommendations.

RemoteCOM will contact you by the next business day at the latest, to perform or schedule your computer installation(s) once your enrollment and payment are completed. Mobile Device installation is scheduled by making a specific appointment with your officer for the installation of the monitoring software on your device.

All computer installations are done online, requiring an Internet connection and someone present at the computer logged in as a user with administrative privileges during the installation. An installer will contact you by phone at the scheduled date and time for computer installation. The computer installation process averages 30 minutes. For dial-up users the time generally averages 2 to 3 hours. These installation times are estimates; times vary according to the type of computer and Internet connection.

Mobile device installations are performed by your supervision officer with assistance from RemoteCOM when needed. You should schedule an appointment with your supervision officer before you enroll for service.

Billing and Payment Instructions Do Not ApplyTo State of Missouri Clients. Proceed directly to Registration and Installation Instructions.

Billing and Payment Information

All invoices are sent via e-mail on the 15th of each month. Invoices are sent in advance of the month service is for and are due on the 27th of the month the invoice is received.(For example an invoice received on January 15th is for the month of February and is due by January 27th.)

Late fees are incurred if payment is not received by the 27th of each month. A late fee is charged for every month that carries an unpaid balance.

RemoteCOM has an Automatic Payment option available that debits a credit card or bank account on the same date each month. Tell your installer or call us at 866-776-0731  if you are interested in signing up for Auto Pay.

Fee List

Computer Installation Fee:

$50 per computer installed. Incurred at the beinning of monitoring or when adding a computer. Only paid once per computer installed.

Phone/ Mobile Device Connection Fee:

$30 per device connected. Incurred at the beginning of monitoring or when adding a device. Only paid once per device installed.

Monthly Monitoring Fee:

$35 per device

Late Fee:

$20 (payments not received by the 27th of each month)

Reinstall Fee:

$50 per computer

Reinstall fees are incurred when a computer is replaced with another computer or if the monitoring software is removed, damaged or rendered inoperable by any means that results in reinstallation. This includes but is not limited to deleting the program, restoring the computer operating system, formatting or replacing the hard drive, corrupting or removing the monitoring software with anitvirus/spyware/malware programs, reinstalling the operating system.

Monthly Fees are not prorated            No Charge for RemoteCOM Software Updates.

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Billing Information and Installation Instructions