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Computers have become a larger part of our work and personal lives. Due to this evolution, the appropriate monitoring of a sex offender's computer use becomes more important today than ever before. Internet use currently grows at a rate of two million users a month in the United States alone. Some of the most recent studies have shown that 73% of Americans are now online, including 90% of children 12 to 17 years old. This has led to the reality of denying probationers and parolees access to computers is no longer justifiable in other than the most extreme cases. Some of the most recent case law has shown that the courts agree that sex offenders cannot be denied access to the Internet.

The following is a list of some of the issues in computer monitoring today and how Remote-COM services can help probation departments address these issues and how our services will benefit your department.

The Problem :

Computer internet access poses a substantial risk to proper treatment and containment of sex offenders. The prevalence of sexual material makes it risky for convicted sex offenders to have unmanaged access.

The Issue :

The Solutions:


Remote-COM can assist your department by offering 24/7 active / real time monitoring of the offenders computer to ensure they are not violating any conditions of probation / parole.

Failure to review properly the results of monitoring sends the message to the offender that they are not being watched.

We assist your department by ensuring that the materials and data generated by computer monitoring are reviewed daily. We can also set up filters to potentially limit the offenders access to certain types of websites or programs such as online chat.


Our goal is to provide a complete solution.

While most companies offer software only, we provide a service that will monitor all data collected on a daily basis and generate instant alerts and reports for your officers.

We know your officers are burdened with paperwork and their most precious resource, "TIME", is very limited.

By us, monitoring and analyzing the data, we are freeing up the parole / probation officers time. The Officer does not review endless data generated by the offender's computer. Instead, they will only view a monthly report and any instant alerts that are generated by our monitors.

Evidence Collection:

One of the primary goals of computer monitoring is to gather evidence of new criminal behaviour or significant violations for prosecution. Our services will assist your department in collecting this information through the monitoring process.

We will also be able to download or retrieve a file from the offender's computer remotely if we notice a violation. These files can be retained by us for evidentiary purposes.

Expert Testimony:

We stand behind our product and services. We will be a great asset to your department by providing expert testimony in court for violations that occur and are recorded and reported by our services.

What we have found to hold true is that most probation and parole officers feel they have been inadequately trained concerning computer related monitoring and are intimidated by defense attorneys when being cross-examined about computer related activity.

We provide you with an expert, trained in the field, who has extensive experience testifying in court if needed.