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We now support the Windows 10 Computer Operating System

What We Do

Full Service Monitoring:

We monitor your offender’s computer activity either for you or in conjunction with your officers to ensure that data is reviewed every day for violations or information related to the successful supervision of your probationer/ parolee.

The primary RemoteCOM service is an offender based pay model that costs your agency nothing to use. Training, support, and testimony are provided to the agency at no cost as well.

RemoteCOM also offers service solutions customized to your agency’s monitoring needs.

Remote Computer Monitoring

RemoteCOM is the only computer monitoring service for your probation/parole supervision needs.

RemoteCOM records ALL computer activity and gives you instant access to the recorded data no matter where you are.

See, record and supervise everything that happens on your offender’s computer anywhere, anytime.

No other software does all this.

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Monitor ALL :

Notice to Existing Clients:

Should you choose to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 from your current Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. Please be certain to get your Supervision Officer’s permission first and then contact us at 866-776-0731 or email: after the upgrade so we can verify continued operation of our software.